The Guide to Getting More Instagram Followers


Instagram marketing has become the go-to platform for businesses big or small to grow their brand. It doesn’t just benefit businesses as individuals can use it as a way to promote their talents and create opportunities for themselves. Social media has become more than just a way for you secretly keep up with what your ex is doing or stay connected with friends. It’s a key factor in helping you grow your wealth.

 Where Do I Start?

So you’ve made a profile and added all the people you know, but what do you do now? How do you get Instagram followers from people you don’t know? The first step is learning your audience and finding out how to appeal to them. The best way to attract a wider audience of people is using the right hashtags. For example: If you’re a hairstylist and you want new clients think about what type of hashtag one might use if they were trying to find a new stylist in their area. Another helpful hint is when you type in your hashtag Instagram will tell you how many post already have that hashtag. If you see that your hashtag only has 10 post, but the hashtag #lahairstylist has over 200,000 that tells you that more people use that hashtag when searching for a hairstylist in LA. It would be best for you do add in that hashtag for a wider reach. Play around with the hashtag and see what gets you the best results.

You Got the Followers, but How Do You Keep Them?

People have to want to follow you. The things you post have to either be meaningful or entertaining to them. If your purpose is fitness, then post daily fitness tips, or clips from your workout. A general rule is one post a day is a great way to keep your audience interested without flooding their timelines. Another tip is to stay engaged. If someone compliments you, or ask “where did you get that?” or is inquiring about any further information make sure you respond. If someone post about your product give them a shout out on your page and encourage others to do the same.

 Timing Is Everything

Studies show that the best time to post is 2am or 5pm. During the week Wednesday and Thursday are the best days. Fewer people post on Sunday, so use it to your advantage. You could gain a lot of visibility by post on this day. Consistency is key. Pick a schedule to post and don’t vary from it too often. There are plenty of posting apps such as Schedugram and Latergramme that will post your content for you.

Remember quality over quantity. Although it’s important to be consistent don’t get caught up in it too much that the post become robotic and no longer useful. If you need more time to create something better then take your time and do it right. Remember it’s your brand you’re building, so make the choices that’s right for you.

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