About Us

Instagram is easily the most important social media for teens around the world, as many of you know from recent studies. Whether it be my 13 year old sister or my 19 year old cousin, we all check Instagram constantly. The stream of infinite content and the simple concept and idea behind the product never gets old. When I post a photo on Instagram I know that just about every person I am connected to in the real life will see my photo, decide whether or not to like it, and then judge me subconsciously. Because of this, Instagram is seen as a huge stressor for many teenagers.

Your Instagram defines who you are.

However, at the same time that Instagram continues to push through in building up one’s online identity, there is a dramatic change that is coming to the way that Instagram is used.

I first heard the term ‘finsta’ a few months ago, my friend, Caroline, pulled out her phone, we snapped a funny selfie and she immediately uploaded it to Instagram. I was horrified, how could she post a selfie of me onto Instagram without asking! She didn’t add a filter, she didn’t have a clever caption, and it wasn’t a photo I wanted everyone I know to see! I immediately said did you really just post that, she then told me don’t worry I only put it on my finsta. I was so confused.

What she did completely went against all that Instagram has been for me in the past 2 or 3 years I have been on the social network. I have learned that Instagram posts are an art. It can take a lot of time for me to post a photo on Instagram. I need to decide the photo to post, ask friends for advice on captions, make sure every blemish is not seen, and edit it.

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